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31 Days to Radically Reduce Your Expenses is written for the woman who wants to put more money in her bank account, every month. She's tired of over-spending on necessities like utilities, car insurance, groceries, and gas. 

The main purpose of 31 Days is to teach women how to cut back on the things they need, so they can make room for the things they actually want. 

What this book is about...

Who this book is for...

How to Share

If you have a blog, it's easy to work 31 Days into an evergreen post you've already written, or in a post you're planning to write. This is a great way to incorporate your Amazon affiliate link, and have it be relevant year round!

Not sure what to write about? Here are a few prompts:

  • Share a personal story about one particular expense that has been a huge struggle for you in the past, and how you overcame it.
  • Make a list of "little" changes in your budget that lead to BIG wins over time.
  • For someone just starting out, what expenses would you suggest they tackle first?

Obviously, I want you to write a post that is most natural to YOU and your audience, but these should get your creative juices flowing!

On Your Blog

Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to give 31 Days a social shoutout. Whether you show a photo of you personally reading the book, tweet an inspiring quote, or share one of the images I've provided for you below, make sure to use the hashtag #ReduceYourExpenses so I can help spread the love!

On Social Media

If you're short on time, use one of these grab-and-go tweets.


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Need a copy?

If you would like a complimentary copy of 31 Days to Radically Reduce Your Expenses to review, please email with "Review Copy" in the subject line. In the body of the email, please explain how you would review and promote 31 Days, along with links to any relevant websites and social media profiles. 

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